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How TripAdvisor views the Long Tail…

For the practical advice from the book, you can skip to the last chapter where the author shares “the secret to creating a thriving Long Tail business”.

This is what Chris Anderson calls creating a “consumer paradise”. As is typically the case when advice is offered, be it from top-selling business books or consultants, it’s much easier said than done. It does, though, fairly neatly sum up a lot of what we try to do at TripAdvisor.

Our success hinges on participation by our community. Content contributed by them is at the heart of our proposition, and it’s their reviews and recommendations, the total scope of their collective wisdom, that enables people to venture down the Long Tail of destinations, hotels, of all the possibilities and experiences to be had through travel.

What’s exciting about the trend of demand moving towards fringe destinations or niche properties or services is that we can help people “move from the world they know… to the world they do not via a route that is both comfortable and tailored to their tastes”. Many of us aim to inspire travellers, and that is as good a definition as any I’ve heard.

Helping a family of four who have spent their last three summer holidays in Spain to chose, perhaps, Morocco instead this year, takes more than abundant information or a great deal. To take the risk out of that decision, to open up that possibility and make it real, we believe people look to and trust others like themselves.

Shared experiences by like-minded travellers inspire people to explore the Long Tail of travel.

Marc Charron is general manager for TripAdvisor Europe

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