Tralliance improves travel search engine

Dot-travel registry Tralliance has unveiled a suite of features on its travel search engine in a bid to further boost traffic.

Tools such as destination maps have been added to specific search results as well as a string of new advertising positions.

The Search.Travel site was launched in 2006 and, according to Tralliance, managed to attract 12 million unique users in its first three months.

Travel businesses will be given the opportunity to feature on all destination maps, Tralliance said. New sponsored ads and advertising slots have also been created.

It is hoped the new service will appeal primarily to tourist boards.

Tralliance chief executive Ed Cespedes said: “It is vital that the travel and tourism industry embrace what we are doing and support the development and evolution of the .travel domain for the benefit of both the global travel industry and consumers.

“We are encouraged by the many high-profile destinations that have already committed to the new advertising program.”

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