TripAdvisor appoints UK head of sales

TripAdvisor has appointed a senior member of the commercial team at AOL to take on the new position of head of UK sales.

Martin Verdon-Roe will be tasked with building relationships with media agencies, brand building as well as signing display advertising and sponsorship packages.

The position is likely to be first of a number of country sales managers to shift TripAdvisor’s reliance away from pay-per-click advertising in the UK and other European territories.

A number of high profile advertisers, including Tourism Ireland, TUI and Land Rover, have already signed advertising deals with TripAdvisor in the UK.

Non-travel brand names such as Land Rover and Charles Schwab have also recently featured on the site.

Verdon Roe said: “We present a unique opportunity to communicate with a dynamic audience, most of whom are planning to spend.

“It is one of the few sites where pay-per-click and display can work well together and we will be targeting both travel and non-travel advertisers.”

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