Google to push map personalisation

Google has handed the power of mash-ups to consumers by allowing users to customise its Maps product for travel plans.

In My Maps registered Google users will be able to identify locations with markers, plot travel routes with lines and shapes, and add text and photographs.

The system will also let users place a feed from Google Video or YouTube to place video previews on each map.

Google said: “We expect that public maps created by our users will further enrich the Google Maps and Earth search experience by providing additional rich, local, and visual information about the world from our best source – our users.”

The Google Maps tool has become a key product for Google as travel providers utilise its API within their own sites.

Some UK search results have also started to feature a feed from Google Maps to indicate the location of hotels.

Consumers will be able to share their My Maps over the web or restrict views to selected users.

Google is to also allow users to add their own HTML code into the maps for additional personalisation.

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