Amadeus improves car hire tools for agents

Amadeus has added a new vehicle classification feature to its car rental inventory system in line with the recommendations of car rental industry watchdog.

The new classification codes, in line with guidance from the Association of Car Rental Industry System Standards, will give travel agents a clearer view of the car types available for rental and will include additional information such as how much luggage space a particular vehicle has.

The GDS has also implemented pseudo codes, which reduce the amount of time an agent needs to spend searching for a certain car type within a specified vehicle group, such as SUVs.

New features incorporated into the display help to clearly identify the search results that are exact matches to the search criteria. The function also allows bookers to view alternate vehicle availability and upgrades.

Meanwhile, Amadeus has implemented e-ticketing for more than 100 airlines serving the UK.

Amadeus customers in the UK are already issuing 80% of all tickets as electronic tickets and this latest announcement brings Amadeus users closer to meeting IATA’s goal, which states that all airline tickets should be issued as e-tickets by the end of 2007.

The latest airlines available for e-ticketing in the UK include Air New Zealand, Etihad Airways and Scot Airways. Amadeus has enabled e-ticketing function for 182 airlines and 140 countries.

At press time, Amadeus had yet to announce a renewed distribution contract with British Airways.

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