WTM 2014: Freemium PMS will help small independent hotels survive, says Hotelogix

WTM 2014: Freemium PMS will help small independent hotels survive, says Hotelogix

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Hotelogix claims its offer of a ‘free forever’ cloud based PMS to small hoteliers will help them survive and compete on a level playing field with big brand chains.

The Indian-based software developer launched its Freemium Plan yesterday on the first day of World Travel Market, claiming it is a first in the market.

Aditya Sanghi, co-founder and chief executive of Hotelogix, said: “For small and medium sized hotels the big problem is adopting the technology that’s going to help them expand their businesses. Today the global marketplaces are becoming more and more available to the smaller properties but they are not able to deal with them, they cannot manage it manually.”

Sanghi said the Hotelogix cloud PMS is connected to all the main global distribution channels like booking.com offering real time availability, and it also offers operational functionality like front desk, housekeeping and restaurant point of sale.

Sanghi added: “Real time availability and inventory management becomes very critical to sell online, the hotelier with a small number of rooms needs to make sure there is no double bookings.

“If a room is sold in one marketplace all the other marketplaces need to be updated, plus the front desk. Rooms can be sold in real time and this has become critical for hotels to be successful.”

Hotelogix has raised backing from venture capitalists and says it can guarantee its free PMS model because it has other ways of making money once clients are using the system and require additional services.

Sanghi said the key thing was to remove a barrier for hoteliers to decide to use the cloud PMS without having to force them to make a buying decision.

“This is a survival solution,” added Sanghi. “This gives them a way of expending their market and increase their revenues by being in marketplaces where their customers are hanging out. In time everyone will migrate to cloud-based PMSs.

“Small hotels need to have a way of giving their guests the same experience as the big brands. They needed technology to put them on a level playing field as the brands because guest expectations are the same.”

Hotelogix says as well as the free PMS, it offers 24/7 customer support and that it plans to roll out more self learning tools, so hoteliers can improve the they manage their own properties and inventory through the system.

Hotelogix is exhibiting in stand TT452 in the Travel Tech area at WTM.

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