Dohop ramps up functionality

Dohop, the Icelandic flight search website recently on the receiving end of significant investment from Cheapflights, has introduced a series of improvements it claims has made it the most comprehensive site of its kind on the web.

The site’s schedule database has been extended to now include 33 million flights over the next 14 months.

Dohop has also built an “Add To My Trip” facility to site, enabling users to search for different flights and create itineraries of complicated or multi-route journeys.

A Google Maps mash-up has also been added to allow users to plot journeys on a world map.

Cheapflights vice-chairman and head of international, Hugo Burge, said: “We are impressed with the way that the Dohop team have implemented these improvements to what was already a remarkable site.

Cheapflights invested an undisclosed sum in Dohop in January this year.

Dohop chief executive Frosti Sigurjonsson added: “Dohop is now probably the most comprehensive flight search engine in the world as well as the fastest.

“The backing from Cheapflights has enabled us to accelerate our product development efforts.  We are looking forward to releasing a plethora of new features in the upcoming weeks and months.”

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