Cheapflights targets TravelSupermarket territory with Virgin Media ad campaign

Cheapflights has appointed online marketing agency Harvest Digital to run a series of campaigns aimed at boosting its newsletter subscriber numbers.

The agency has created and bought a display advertising campaign for the price comparison site to run on the new Virgin Media portal to encourage users to sign up to its weekly bulletin of travel deals.

Virgin Media last week appointed meta search website TravelSupermarket to run travel search facilities on its travel portal.

The Cheapflights campaign includes the opportunity for visitors to win a £2,000 holiday and follows other activity on the AOL consumer portal.

Cheapflights has traditionally shied away from above-the-line and online display advertising, preferring to concentrate its efforts on user acquisition with search marketing.

Head of UK marketing at Cheapflights, Joe Sikorsky said: “We want to see how direct response display advertising compares to search in terms of driving relevant traffic into our web site and generating newsletter signups.

“We chose Harvest because of the agency’s experience in the travel sector, their creative approach to media-buying and their full-service offer which enables them to optimize the creative used across the media plan.”

This week TravelSupermarket announced their recently launched weekly newsletter had attracted 300,000 subscribers since it launched in February.

Other sites adopting the newsletter tactic include its pioneer in the US, TravelZoo, and last year’s new entrant to meta search arena, Henoo.

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