Zolv rebrand SalesAssist call centre tech to offer the Full Picture

Zolv rebrand SalesAssist call centre tech to offer the Full Picture

Travel specialist software developer Zolv will unveil a rebrand of its acclaimed multi-award-winning call centre software at this year’s WTM.

The original name SalesAssist has been replaced with The Full Picture, which Zolv hopes will better convey to potential clients what the product does.

The Full Picture enables a call centre agent and a customer to work together in a single web session during which rich content such as video and imagery can be viewed and documents shared.

Zolv says the concept is about bringing the offline travel agency experience to the call centre and enabling sales teams to communicate with customers in a different way.

Olly Wenn, managing director of Zolv, said he hoped The Full Picture would eventually become so valued by consumers that they would start asking firms if they have it.

He said SalesAssist – a working title Zolv used when developing the platform – did not convey the right message.

“What we are really trying to do is give the customer the full picture,” he said.

“There are three stages [to the booking process]: the first is to inspire, get customers thinking, give you feedback and show them something else.

“The second stage, when a customer believes they are asking for the right thing, is to reassure, to confirm the agent and the customer are on the same page. Showing pictures or a video does that. Then, finally, there’s the upsell, the ‘look what you could have’. By showing this to them, we want the customer to sell it to themselves.”

Zolv worked with Brighton-based marketing agency Designate on the rebrand.

Wenn added: “We asked Designate to help us redevelop the brand to give it a new tone of voice that would make people stop and listen.

“Now we talk much more about what the outcome is rather than how we did it. We want to convey big ideas in very few words.”

Wenn said he hoped giving travel firms the chance to have a “visual conversation” might prompt creative agencies to come up with content specifically tailored to The Full Picture.

SalesAssist scooped numerous accolades including the 2013 Travolution Award for Best Technological Innovation and a Travel Weekly Globe award in 2014.

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