Big data meets visual search with GOSS Interactive HolidayWall

A visual search ‘HolidayWall’ developed by web content management specialist GOSS is being touted as an answer to how travel firms might inspire customers.

The technology behind the interface was originally designed for a BBC pilot which GOSS won, but now the firm is in talks with a number of travel firms interested in bringing it to market.

A key component to the Holiday Wall is the learning algorithm that sits behind it which will automatically hone the content delivered to each customer base on past experience.

Customers can manually turn up or down various factors so certain signals are prioritised over other, but if they do not do this it happens automatically.

Fiona Kosmin who overseas new business – private sector (travel and tourism), at GOSS Interactive, said:

“The HolidayWall gives firms a consistency of purpose for their content and gives purpose to the Big Data they collect on their customers.

“It acts like an app but you don’t have to download information on to your device. It’s very much Html based. You like something and you get more of that sort of content.

“This means that a consumer may see things that they have not seen before. You see things you would easily miss if you go to a traditional website and go down a particular location or date.

“The options are endless where something like this could go. This could sit with a travel agent who is with a consumer and they can be inspired together.”

The HolidayWall is adaptable to individual requirements and GOSS is currently working with a well known tour operator on a prototype.

Filters can be added that focus content on particular regions or certain types of holiday or activities holidaymakers want to do while away.

“I don’t think anyone is yet ready to replace their entire website with something like this,” said Kosmin.

“But it would play very nicely on mobile with consumers being able to see all inventory you have within minutes and seeing that you’d miss doing traditional point and click.”

Kosmin said HolidayWall could be just as valuable being used by logged in customers as those simply browsing your website.

“There is more value in the sort of general data you get from using something like HolidayWall. You get a greater impression of how your products are doing. Anonymous search is just as valuable as individual search.”

GOSS has built an expertise in managing content partly through working with public sector organisations like local councils of which it has 80 customers.

HolidayWall is offered on a Service as a Software (SaaS) basis. GOSS has created a Vimeo video to show how the HolidayWall works.

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