Attraction Tickets Direct partners with Disney on MyMagic+ in first multi-channel campaign

Tickets specialist Attraction Tickets Direct has launched its first multi-channel advertising campaign in partnership with Walt Disney World Florida.

The campaign is focused on the theme park’s new next generation fast track technology MyMagic+ which was launched last year.

MyMagic+ now allows both Disney hotel guests and non-hotel guest visitors to pre-plan their visit to the operator’s theme parks online.

The technology enables customers to pre-book rides and restaurants and has been specifically designed to help families spend more time together in the parks.

The Attraction Tickets Direct campaign started yesterday and is due to run until the end of July on radio, TV, in print and online including social channels.

A YouTube advert is currently live. It is the first time MyMagic+ has been featured on TV and radio in the UK.

Chris Bradshaw, group marketing director of Attraction Tickets Direct said: “Targeting consumers simultaneously across all channels is now key to maximising recall and reach of a campaign.

“Investing in a more ambitious marketing strategy highlighting our most innovative products, such as MyMagic+, will enable us to reach new audiences, build our brand and increase our customer interactions.”

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