Pitch-up.com streamlines consumer payments with Stripe

A streamlined payment system has been introduced by outdoor accommodation specialist Pitchup.com in an effort to make it easier for small business accommodation providers to manage their cash flow.

‘Payup’, an integration with payments company Stripe, allows providers to link their bank account to the Pitchup.com system, so that payments from customers can be triggered and transferred automatically.

Stripe bills a customer’s card and separates the payment into the proper portions; transferring the deposit to Pitchup.com and the balance to the park owner.

The balance is billed to the customer on the due date specified on confirmation of booking and no further action is required from customers or site owners.

Pitchup.com founder Dan Yates said: “Our new payment system is efficient and safe for both our customers and our suppliers, and ensures speedier payments for accommodation businesses than our previous system.

“It’s a secure solution that removes the need for customers to contact the camping or caravan site to settle the balance, reducing administration as well as streamlining the entire process.”

Suppliers who sign up to Payup will enjoy a higher ranking in Pitchup.com’s search results than those yet to adopt the system, meaning they will be found more easily by customers using ‘pay in full’ filters.

Yates added: “This is another first for Pitchup.com and one that makes life easier for our suppliers, many of whom are small businesses.

“Payup enables us to link bank account details of our accommodation providers, meaning they get paid automatically once a customer has booked.

“It means that our suppliers don’t need to chase customers for payment, can reduce paperwork and no-shows, and can generate more bookings as it’s so much easier for customers to arrange their holiday, particularly if they’re booking late.

“Most of Pitchup.com’s outdoor accommodation sites are currently in the UK – where the Payup service currently operates – with other countries being added to the Payup network over the course of this year, so very soon all of our providers will be able to sign up to the service.”

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