JetRadar lays claim to being the cheapest flight meta with ‘Magic Fare’

London-based flight meta-search site JetRadar has launched ‘Magic Fare’ which it claims finds long-haul flights up to 30% cheaper than on rival sites.

JetRadar said Magic Fare can find lower prices by looking at all the different tariffs airlines offer beyond the conventional economy, business and first class.

It cites Delta as an example, which has more than seven different tariffs to choose from, all sold at different prices.

JetRadar said prices can even differ for exactly the same fare on one flight, even though there is no difference in the service.

Max Kraynov, chief executive of JetRadar, said: “The Magic Fare tool is a game-changer for the price comparison industry because it can offer fares at a much lower price than any other website.

“This is great news for consumers as it can make air travel even more affordable.

“JetRadar already has one of the industry’s most comprehensive offerings and this expansion in our service takes us to a new level.”

JetRadar searches thousands of airline routes and compares the prices of more than 100 ticket agencies and over 546 carriers, including Emirates, Air France, Ryanair and easyJet.

It is currently present in 14 markets, including the UK, Germany and Australia and is eyeing further international expansion. More than one million flyers use JetRadar every year.

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