Lastminute research charts how mobile adoption is driving spontaneity in travel

Lastminute research charts how mobile adoption is driving spontaneity in travel

New research commissioned by claims to have found an increasing tendency for late bookings on mobile for flights and hotels.

The Sabre Travel Holdings-owned London-based OTA asked 2,000 people about their buying habits in travel.

It found 59% book hotel and flights on a mobile app or mobile website less than a week before their departure date and one in five (19%) super-spontaneous Brits book on the same day.

However, the value of these bookings remains low, with the average price for same day hotel bookings just £65 a night.

The research found last-minute bookers are also acting at the spur of the moment with almost a third (29%) of same-night hotel bookings being made following a great night out with friends.

In addition 16% of Brits have booked a hotel after missing the last public transport home. data shows third of bookings for Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights being made between the hours of 6pm and midnight that day.

Matthew Crummack, chief executive of, said: “Mobile technology is having an extraordinary impact on our lives.

“This is only the start, but mobile is already completely changing the way we plan our leisure time – I believe more than the internet did before.

“Our latest research demonstrates the UK’s phenomenally rapid immersion into the mobile world and the fun which comes with it.

“In fact, at, we see every day how more and more customers book hotels between 6pm and midnight for stays that very night, taking last-minute living to a whole new level.”


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