Flybe boss to host airline’s first live Twitter chat

Flybe chief executive Saad Hammad is to host the airline’s first live Twitter chat on @flybe tomorrow (Thursday).

The airline will incorporate #AskFlybeCEO into the lunchtime session and Twitter users have been invited to submit questions about Flybe and its route network.

The Twitter event – to run between 1pm and 1.30pm – is part of a wider strategy which will enable Hammad to have an enhanced understanding of the airline’s operations.

He recently spent the day on board helping cabin crew serve customers and later this week he will be working in the Flybe call centre assisting customers via its helpline.

Hammad said: “Understanding the fundamental, day-to-day workings of how Flybe staff deliver great service and how the airline engages with customers is critical.

“I want to ensure we get it right at every stage of the journey, from when a customer books a flight, checks-in, on board the aircraft, to how they interact with us via social media and through the call centre.

“I hope Thursday’s live Twitter session enables customers to share their suggestions, enables me to answer any questions they have and for me to get a greater understand of how we can make Flybe an even better airline.”

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