Travelport adopts wait-and-see approach with Ebookers

Travelport bosses have said that, whilst pleased with Ebookers’ 49% online growth, they are waiting for a new technology platform to be available before focusing significant energies on boosting the site’s performance.

“From content perspective we’re fine and from brand we’re fine,” senior managers said during an investors’ conference call this week.

“When we have the platform we will be more aggressive with the marketing. Right now, it doesn’t make sense to spend money driving consumers to a site that needs improvement.”

Commenting on its Galileo business, Travelport’s president and chief executive Jeff Clarke said he was pleased with the new BA contract, as well as with a booming number of transactions (thanks to the fact that Galileo is the GDS behind Cheaptickets), but noted that the volume gains were offset by the yield reductions associated with the new long-term airline agreements in the US. 

Clarke was also sanguine on the Worldspan merger, despite one analyst’s concern about the recent Department of Justice enquiry for more information.

Travelport bosses noted that once the Worldspan transaction is complete, “there is a whole other envelope of opportunities in terms of consolidation and cost savings” which can be explored.

The company would not comment on its recent statement regarding the future of its B2C travel brands, revealed earlier this week, by which it would explore a potential spinning off of the OTAs in the portfolio.

“There are very strict [Securities and Exchange Commission] rules and we’re sticking by them,” it said.

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