‘Google of accommodations’ raises $1.1 million seed funding

‘Google of accommodations’ raises $1.1 million seed funding

Accommodation search engine start-up AllTheRooms has raised $1.1 million in series seed financing led by the New York Angels, an organisation of business investors.

The New York-based site claims it can save travellers hours trawling numerous different sites because it offers a comprehensive selection of all accommodation types in each destination.

The firm was founded by former investment banker Joseph DiTomaso, and Bill Beckler, who most recently was head of innovation at Travelocity-owned Lastminute.com.

DiTomaso said: “Until now, no site has provided customers with all the accommodations available for a given travel destination. Our primary benefit is in our comprehensive search capabilities.

“Existing hotel search engines can’t present travellers with every room in a given destination.

“Before AllTheRooms, a customer who wanted to see all of the options would need to visit dozens of different sites, spending hours, in many cases days, trying to find the perfect place.

“AllTheRooms saves the traveller time and money by comparing every possible alternative in a fraction of the time”

Chief technology officer Beckler claimed AllTheRooms can lay claim to being the ‘Google of accommodations’.

“Our sophisticated search capabilities can parse through hundreds of travel sites all across the globe and immediately find the most recent pricing.

“AllTheRooms’ proprietary technology and search capability makes it an automatic leader in the travel space. We are highly focused on not just aggregating product but bringing the traveller an amazing search experience.”

AllTheRooms brings together hotel accommodation with home stays (eg Airbnb, HouseTrip, 9Flats), secret deals (eg Hotwire and Priceline Express), and all other types of accommodations (eg Couchsurfing, Hallst, Jetsetter).

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