Mark Warner signs up to use Zolv’s call centre platform SalesAssist

Mark Warner signs up to use Zolv’s call centre platform SalesAssist

Beach and ski operator Mark Warner has agreed a deal with software developer Zolv to use its SalesAssist call centre platform.

The firm has signed a multi-license agreement with the Leeds-based developer following successful trials of SalesAssist.

The platform enables customers and call centre agents to collaborate on a shared web session and allows the retailer to push rich content such as images and video to the customer.

SalesAssist has won critical acclaim since launching last year, scooping the Travolution Award for best technological innovation and a Travel Weekly Globe gong for innovation.

Zolv claims SalesAssist has been proven to increase conversion rates, drive upsell opportunities, increase the average value of a sale, and drastically improve overall customer experience.

It said Mark Warner reported an increase in on-the-spot bookings and significant improvements to conversion rates and upsell opportunities during the trial.

Additionally, Mark Warner has been using SalesAssist as an information library and training tool in order to increase efficiency in the workplace, speed up processes and ensure information is up to date.

Tim Locke, head of sales and marketing for Mark Warner, said: “SalesAssist has exceeded our expectations and has given extra confidence to our sales team leading to an increase in conversion rates and average booking revenue.

“All our information is now in one place and customers can visualise their holiday more easily and effectively, so quickening the decision process.

“Going into a key booking period for summer, SalesAssist will help us to meet our targets and instil extra confidence in our sales team and potential bookers. We believe SalesAssist is a real game changer for the way travel is sold and we are delighted to be an early adopter”.

Jardine Mercer (pictured), sales manager for SalesAssist added: “SalesAssist is a new concept that Mark Warner has fully embraced and the results speak for themselves.

“We are delighted that SalesAssist has exceeded all Mark Warner’s expectations, from ease of use through to increasing conversions and speeding up the customer journey.

“The nature of Mark Warner’s product is perfect for what SalesAssist has to offer and it’s a real pleasure to work with a team that are so enthusiastic about the adoption of new technologies in order to enable their business to grow and deliver their customers a premium experience.”

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