Zolv’s SalesAssist joins Clia as executive partner

Zolv’s SalesAssist joins Clia as executive partner

SalesAssist, the browser-based hosted platform that allows telephone based reservation and sales agents to put high quality pictures and videos in front of customers. has been confirmed as the latest member of Clia UK & Ireland’s executive partner network.

The platform is designed and developed by software firm Zolv which has been delivering high transaction web platforms to the travel industry since 2002.

SalesAssist sales manager Jardine Mercer said: “Over the last few years the cruise sector has achieved some significant feats, increasing bookings and conversions through a strong uptake from a much wider demographic.

“We are excited to be working with Clia and the industry as a whole to help these numbers grow further.

“SalesAssist will enable cruise agents to showcase their products with ease, allowing new cruise passengers to clearly understand what cruise has to offer, whilst providing all passengers new and old easy access to view the options available to them; from which cabin to choose, to which deck they wish to be on, and even maps of which route they want to sail.”

Clia UK & Ireland director Andy Harmer said: “The company brings great innovation to the industry which, as we all work together, helps to grow the number of people taking a cruise holiday.”

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