Amadeus agrees Swiss International Air Lines deal

Swiss International Air Lines aims to enhance its reservation, inventory and departure control processes in a deal with Amadeus.

The airline will also gain more streamlined access to accurate passenger and flight data, alongside other Lufthansa group carriers which have already implemented Amadeus’s Altéa technology.

This in turn allows a more seamless passenger experience across different airlines within the group and enhances partnership opportunities with other carriers, particularly within the Star Alliance.

Swiss’s migration to the Altéa reservation and inventory modules is due for early 2016, with migration to departure control to follow later in the year.

Swiss chief executive Harry Hohmeister said: “We selected Amadeus’s Altéa Suite following an extensive and detailed evaluation of passenger service solutions currently available on the market. Altéa is the ideal choice for our needs, particularly as it has already been implemented by many of our partners.

“Moreover, Amadeus’s state-of-the art technology will empower us to provide an even more streamlined, effective service to our customers, enhancing the overall passenger experience within the Lufthansa group, something we have long been committed to.”

Amadeus airline IT senior vice president Julia Sattel said: “Our goal is to help our customers provide innovative, market-leading products and services which match the evolving needs of the 21st century traveller – to connect, serve and manage effectively the entire passenger experience from beginning to end.”

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