Vayant launches third gen OneSearch for more optimised fare shopping

The third generation of Vayant Travel Technologies’ OneSearch airfare shopping technology has been released, offering more dynamic pricing functionality and calendar shopping.

The enhancements will allow retailers to offer their customers the ability to more specifically hone their perameters when shopping for flights against certain business rules.

Through a web-based interface, they can manage and apply their business rules in real time across a wide range of criteria including specific markets, carriers, fare basis codes (FBC), cabins, reservation booking designators (RBD), price components, optional services and more.

Vayant’s calendar shopping functionality, which looks at options three days before and three days after the requested date has also been enhanced.

It now returns a list of results for the selected dates as opposed to a single cheapest result.

Fare buckets can also be processed on the calendar level and outbound and return flights are now displayed separately.

Further improvements include a price diversity preference, New Distribution Capability API developments, more provisions for defining Fare Buckets and booking class filters in the search request.

Eric Dumas, chief executive of Vayant Travel Technologies, said: “We continually refine and improve OneSearch to keep airlines and travel sellers a step ahead in today’s fast-moving travel market.

“With the extensions to the third generation OneSearch, our customers gain even more flexibility and control, enabling them to offer richer shopping experiences.”

Eric Dumas will be one of the speakers at OpenJaw Technology’s t-Retailing Summit, taking place at the K-Club just outside Dublin on May 29.

Eric will be joining a panel discussing innovation in airline retailing. He will also be running a round table on the impact of metasearch on transaction based shopping at OpenJaw’s closed user conference, also at the K Club, on the May 28.

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