Dealchecker touts shorter short breaks with ‘Nano’ guide

Dealchecker touts shorter short breaks with ‘Nano’ guide

Price comparison site is touting the concept of the ‘one-night Nano-Break’ to give travellers more opportunity to see places on short trips.

A downloadable 20-page guide to the Nano-Break has been created, outlining what can be done on a trip with just one night away from home.

Alice Mariscotti-Wyatt, editor at and co-author of the guide, said: “The beauty of a Nano Break is that it gives travellers the flexibility to visit more destinations than ever before because they have no need to worry about eating into their valuable holiday allowance.” believes one-night trips to places as far away as New York can offer travellers the chance to spend two full days in a destination but just one hotel night.

The guide includes tips on everything, from perfecting the art of packing, where and how to stay in a city, flight and accommodation tips, destination advice, technology, research and questions to ask before travelling.

Mariscotti-Wyatt added: “Thanks to our ever expanding flight network and a great range of home grown cities the ‘Nano-Break’ is here to stay.

“If travellers have the time to enjoy a destination for two or three nights that’s great, but if not then cities should welcome them in with open arms. A nano-booking is better for business than no booking at all.”

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