Ian Allan Travel hopes booking tech will offer ‘new levels of efficiency’

Corporate travel specialist Ian Allan Travel is looking to capitalise on an increase in academic travel having recently introduced new technology for bookings.

The Shepperton-based company is looking to streamline the booking process using Navitas Decoder Suite technology for bookings made through the Amadeus platform, Traveldoo and E-travel.

Managing director Pat O’Neill said the company, which also specialises in charity and academic travel, had seen a 25% year-on-year increase in academic bookings.

“We have seen great growth in this sector and we’d like to maintain that for next year,” he said.

“We’re streamlining our booking process and that should play a part.”

O’Neill said: “Our latest tech collaboration, driven by Navitas, will provide the markets we serve with the ability to meet the demands and requirements of the constantly evolving methodology to the booking process.

“Our new unique combination of technology, which integrates a number of content channels, risk management companies, expense management and other third parties, will significantly improve all‑round booking efficiency.”

O’Neill said he believes the new technology would offer “new levels of efficiency not previously available”.

Darren Waughman, director of Navitas Solutions, said: “Ian Allan Travel have adopted advance document production tools such as Decoder Suite and Itin-to-X to enable them to provide a customised, yet consistent output to all their customers again ensuring that a quality service is offered from start to finish.”

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