Amadeus mulls adding user generated content into GDS

Global distribution system Amadeus is investigating methods to install social media function into its agent-facing portal, according to one of the company’s senior executives.

“We recognise that user generated content has become an increasingly important aspect of travel and, as a technology provider, we must explore this.”

However, Amadeus says it must tread very carefully, particularly when it comes to the corporate sector, whose preferred supplier agreements could be in direct conflict with user reviews.

Rather than re-creating a TripAdvisor-like forum inside the GDS, where virtually anyone has access to express their opinions, Amadeus will more likely allow travel planners and registered bookers to post destination information, such as where the best places are to entertain clients and the quality of a particular property’s business or leisure facilities.

Though travel agents and their clients can already find this sort of information, the idea is to compile it in such a way that it is more user-friendly.

From a business travel perspective, such a feature should help increase traveller compliance with corporate travel policy, since it would remove the temptation for business travellers to “one-up” their prescribed travel agents.

For the leisure industry, it should help agents add more value to their clients.

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