Apps shortage in travel sector, finds new study

Travel consumers would like a better variety of apps, according to an online travel agency (OTA).

eDreams surveyed its customers to find out what apps were most used, and what were still needed.

Some of 39% of respondents wanted apps providing guided tours, while 29% wanted solid tips on things to do with local reviews. 

A fifth of the OTA’s customers said there was a need for better translation apps, with 12% demanding apps to make paying for goods easier. 

The research found the most common uses for apps during a person’s holiday were maps, weather forecasts, translations and currency conversions.

A large percentage of respondents also indicated there could be demand for an app that provides travellers with “one journey interface”, meaning it does every from book flights and hotel rooms through to travel tips and currency conversion.

However, the company’s director in the UK, Stephanie Uhlig, said good connections and cheap data roaming costs were key to the success of apps.

She said: “Being able to access information and services from mobile devices anywhere, anytime, and at a reasonable price is vital to UK consumers.

“Bookings through mobile services and apps are increasing, as it’s a quick and convenient way to purchase travel both before departure as well as in-destination. 

“While charges have decreased significantly over the years, data roaming charges are still high enough to have an impact on app usage.

“As with any technology in time this cost will fall helping to make the modern 3/4G mobiles an even more essential holiday item.”

Uhlig said the digital explosion meant tourists no longer used paper guides to plan their holidays.

As a consequence she said customers’ expectations of apps were higher than ever.

“The study highlights areas that developers of travel apps should be focusing on to ensure they are at the forefront of meeting customers’ needs.”

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