HotelTonight adds ‘CrashPad’ budget offering to app

HotelTonight adds ‘CrashPad’ budget offering to app

Hotel booking app HotelTonight has added seven new countries and a new ‘CrashPad’ offering providing hostel-like properties for budget travellers.

Denmark, Turkey, Greece, Portugal, Poland, Sweden and Argentina have been introduced together with 25 new city destinations, including Buenos Aires, Copenhagen and Lisbon.

Travellers will now be able to book a hotel via the app in 24 countries worldwide and in more than 300 destinations.

Crashpads are now available in cities including Berlin, Paris, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Prague, Barcelona, Glasgow and Venice.

UK managing director Heather Leisman said: “We want to ensure that everybody who opens our app finds an attractive place to stay at for the night, regardless of their budget or lifestyle.

“With the launch of CrashPad, travellers in Europe will be able to book an inexpensive room that has been vetted for quality just as thoroughly as any of our other properties but that meets the needs and expectations of someone looking for a cheap and cheerful experience.”

She added: “Our growth in Europe has been remarkable; in less than two years we have expanded into 17 countries in Europe and we do not plan to take our foot off the pedal.

“With the launch of popular European summer spots like Istanbul, Athens and Copenhagen, our list of destinations is better than ever and we are excited provide more options for our existing users as well as introduce HotelTonight to many more people around the world.”

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