Hotelogix launches ‘Switch to Cloud’ awareness campaign

Cloud-based hospitality technology solution Hotelogix is starting an awareness campaign among at UK hoteliers to promote its ‘Switch to Cloud’ scheme.

The programme assists in the switch-over for hoteliers using legacy management systems to the use of cloud-based solutions to streamline their businesses.

Hotelogix is promoting a series of free industry webinars in the coming weeks and offering a 15-day free trial to experience cloud technology.

The company aims to demonstrate the greater functionality and higher level of integration available for distribution of inventory that a cloud-based solution can bring small to medium-sized properties.

One claimed benefit is the seamless management of hotels, resorts, serviced apartments or multi-location hotel chains, by providing a single window to manage all hotel operations and bookings online and offline.

Other cloud-based advantages include integration with travel agent networks and external booking sites, which can provide small to medium-sized hotels a wider distribution via online travel portals like and Expedia, along with real-time integration with partner sites, group booking websites and other central reservation systems, of which legacy systems are incapable.

Offline legacy systems lack the ability to interoperate with online travel portals and online booking engines, according to Hotelogix.

The programme will also work to promote a seamless two-way communication that cloud-based systems provide between booking channels, integrating social media distribution and mobile bookings.

Company co-founder and chief executive Aditya Sanghi said: “Hotelogix has always focused on empowering the small and mid-sized hospitality industry, and it is a welcome sign to see small hotels opting for integrated solutions and playing at a level at being committed in the marketplace.

“As a part of this campaign, we will educate each and every hotel on the value they can add to their businesses by using cloud-based hospitality solutions, and will work closely with these hoteliers to remove any barriers towards adopting these solutions.

“Cloud-based systems are extremely easy to set up and use and are more cost efficient then a legacy system. They do not call for costly hardware installations, any annual maintenance, upgrading and monitoring costs.

With a cloud-based solution, hoteliers just need to subscribe and pay a monthly fee – in case they want to discontinue, they can easily decide likewise because there is no heavy capital expenditure incurred, nor any major business changes made to suit their IT solutions.”

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