Amadeus reveals next-gen airport tech platform

A next-generation airport technology platform capable of carrying out all passenger processing functions has been revealed by Amadeus.

The adoption of Amadeus Airport Common Use Service will allow airports to eliminate costly on-site systems, lower their operational expenses and minimise their environmental impact, the company claims.

Airports will improve their agility and flexibility to respond to unforeseen situations such as weather disruptions and traffic peaks.

Airlines will also be able to reduce costs thanks to centralised connectivity to airports and simplified passenger processing.

A cloud-based software-as-a-service solution will allow airlines and ground handlers to share the physical space and the IT resources of the airport, eliminating hosting and development burden, according to the European technology firm.

The majority of the world’s airports currently run a traditional and expensive common use model, including a long-term supplier and on-site IT infrastructure.

Amadeus head of airport IT John Jarrell said: “The airport industry has advanced tremendously from the days of dedicated airline check-in desks towards a much more flexible and shared environment.

“It is now ready to embrace more change in order to maximise commercial and operational performance, and it can derive huge efficiencies from moving towards a common use service.

“Airlines have already chosen cloud technology to run many critical applications that are centrally hosted, and I believe the airport industry will follow this trend with Amadeus ACUS.

“Our platform will enable the airport ecosystem to use its resources much more intelligently, ultimately improving the passenger experience and taking the next step towards becoming the airport of the future.”

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