Sunvil makes switch from Travelport to Amadeus

Sunvil makes switch from Travelport to Amadeus

Leading independent operator Sunvil has switched to Amadeus as its global distribution system provider from rival long-term supplier Travelport.

Amadeus Selling Platform and Amadeus Web Services will be used for scheduled air and related travel bookings.

The selection followed a “careful evaluation” of GDS options, according to Sunvil managing director Chris Wright.

“The Sunvil Group is a diverse operation and the requirements of each section of the business are very different. We were looking for a GDS that that could fulfil all our needs and, after careful evaluation, we agreed that Amadeus was the best fit.

“The combination of the traditional native command booking process together with the more graphical intuitive interface for new members of staff will allow more people within our organisation to make good use of the system.

“This, together with Web Services technology that can be integrated in our online presence, means that Amadeus gives us the technology needed to enhance the sales process in the future.”

Amadeus UK & Ireland commercial director Maria Whiteman added: “Changing business-critical reservation systems can never be taken lightly, but Amadeus has a proven methodology for managing change. That’s why we were able to make Sunvil’s transition to Amadeus Selling Platform a relatively seamless experience.

“We look forward to helping Sunvil benefit from the unique benefits of using the same reservations platform as around 140 leading airlines.

“One advantage of this was highlighted in an independent market study – commissioned by Amadeus in 2013 – showing how this unique community platform resulted in a significant reduction in airline Agency Debit Memo charges resulting from incorrect fare calculations for Amadeus users compared to users of other GDSs.”

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