Trivago seeks testers in aim to create genuine hotel profiles

Trivago seeks testers in aim to create genuine hotel profiles

Hotel comparison website Trivago is encouraging people to become mystery guests and review properties across 10 cities in the UK and Ireland.

Hotel testers can receive incentives of £30 to £70 when completing an online questionnaire, consisting of 400 questions and taking around 45 minutes.

Users must sign up as a tester and book their hotel stay at the regular price, before receiving the money incentive directly to their bank account on completion of the questionnaire.

Testers can save an average of 40% on their hotel stay, even booking hotels for as little as £10 for one night, the website claims.

The mystery guest scheme allows users to sign up for hotel testing in 40 hotels in London, Dublin, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Brighton, Manchester, York, Glasgow, Birmingham and Blackpool.

Hotel testing is currently available in 12 European cities across four different countries, including Rome, Madrid, Berlin and Vienna.

The results are displayed on Trivago to create detailed, accurate and genuine hotel profiles, with the guarantee that the reviewers stayed in the hotel. More than 20,000 hotel tests from 600 hotels in 20 major European cities have been completed so far.

The results are also integrated into Trivago’s filter options, enabling users to choose specific and guaranteed criteria, such as “fast internet connection” or “a great breakfast”.

Hoteliers have the opportunity to purchase the hotel test at prices starting £2,000 to receive increased visibility on Trivago and unbiased feedback on the hotel.

When purchased, between 20 and 100 testers pay full price to stay at the hotel over the span of 2 to 6 months. They will evaluate more than 400 criteria of the hotel, from amenities to service and personal preferences.

Hoteliers receive weekly updates of the full test results, allowing them to react to any weaknesses highlighted and improve future results.

At the end of the testing period, hoteliers receive a specific market comparison, taking into account strengths, weaknesses, index ratings and guest comments. Hoteliers can choose the comparison group based on location, region or number of stars, in order to value themselves against relevant competitors.

During the testing period, the hotel will be promoted on Trivago to increase the booking volume.

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