First Choice develops social online game based on TV advertising

Mobile and social gaming is being utilised by First Choice to bring to life its all-inclusive holidays.

A game – Zip Wire Zoom – has been developed from the operator’s TV advertising, which sees a family zip-lining over beaches and seas, and invites players to virtually experience it for themselves.

Users have to see how far they can travel on the zip line, catching sunrays and speed boosts from smiling suns to propel them forwards while avoiding speed-stealing skull and crossbones.

For an extra boost, players need to collect ‘zoom distance’ musical notes, ice cream cones and First Choice starfish.

If players don’t catch enough sunrays on their journey, the sun starts to set and once it goes down over the sea the game is over.

The game is available to play through the First Choice Facebook page and will be developed into a free app for download from iTunes and the Google Play store from the end of the month.

Players can upload their score to the global leader board and share it on Facebook as well as check what distances the top scorers have achieved.

Zip wires are one of the features of the aerial adventure assault courses at the operator’s all-inclusive Holiday Village Resorts.

Marketing and digital director Jeremy Ellis said: “Since so many holiday fans have commented on how great it would be to experience the fictitious zip wire from the advert, we wanted to virtually bring it to them in this fun new social and mobile game.

“Furthermore, with the gaming market growing, and research showing that 20.4% of time spend on a mobile is dedicated to gaming we thought this was the perfect way to reach a new audience.

“This is one of the many ways we are continuing to innovate our communications and we hope everyone enjoys playing the first ever game from First Choice as much as we have.”

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