Latest Nucleus mobile survey charts mobile’s continuing rise in travel

Latest Nucleus mobile survey charts mobile’s continuing rise in travel

The sixth wave of digital agency Nucleus’s mobile web browsing research has found mobile traffic to travel websites grew 42% over the last 12 months.

The data to January 2014 shows that 38.4% of all web browsing is now on mobile, up from 32% the last time Nucleus reported.

Android was the fastest-growing platform according to the latest analysis, but still it was not able to dent iOS’s dominance, with the Apple operating system enjoying 81.7% market share.

Nucleus said Android’s 16.5% leap was down to taking share from Blackberry and Microsoft.

The dominance of iOS suggests greater scope for more affluent customers and Nucleus has found that luxury brands have been quicker to adopt mobile.

It predicts these brands are set to reap the rewards of early adoption in 2014.


The agency said: “Most travel brands have been slow to adopt mobile-friendly websites, but those already using responsive design techniques to deliver seamless brand experiences across all devices appear to be reaping the rewards, already averaging more than 40% penetration and higher conversion levels.

“Other surveys have confirmed both the inevitable growth in mobile browsing and booking and the slow response from brands to the opportunity to engage with users in a more intimate way. The writing has been on the wall for some time.”


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