Travelport launches teaching initiative in South Africa

Travelport launches teaching initiative in South Africa

An initiative to train and develop teachers in travel and tourism technology in South Africa is being launched by Travelport.

The technology company will work with the Global Travel and Tourism Partnership with two-day ‘train the teacher’ courses in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Twenty five high school tourism teachers will be given the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of the technologies applied in the travel and tourism sector over two consecutive sessions.

The travel technology company’s Southern Africa general manager Robyn Christie said: “Travelport is proud to sponsor this important travel and technology curriculum for the tourism teachers and learners of South Africa.

“We wanted to develop a thought-provoking and relevant teaching tool that will inspire the learner to investigate the many wonderful career choices in the travel and tourism industry.”

GTTP South Africa director Elsabé Engelbrecht said: “We offer this online training programme for the teachers of South Africa that will educate and engage their learners.

“The debate and interaction that will follow is set to create superb foundation to expose the group to the trade as well as the significant employment opportunities within the sector.”

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