Amadeus strikes deal to use technology to promote ‘Destination Europe’

Amadeus is to use technology to help promote Europe as a tourism destination in partnership with the European Travel Commission.

Amadeus will contribute with technology solutions and knowledge of the European travel industry, while the ETC will bring in the local knowledge of its 33 national tourism organisation members.

The aim is to strengthen the European tourism industry’s competitiveness as one of the main engines of economic growth and employment.

The partnership agreement is part of a joint ‘Destination Europe 2020’ initiative between the European Commission and ETC to strengthen the image of Europe in long-haul markets through promotional activity and new technologies in co-operation with the industry.

Amadeus and ETC will co-operate in three main areas:

–         Technology – Amadeus has developed VisitEurope, a mobile app with search and social media features, to market Europe as an attractive tourism destination.
–          Joint research to analyse relevant travel industry trends and market-specific insights.
–         Seminars and educational programmes to realise the potential of the European travel industry to attract more visitors to Europe.

Both organisations will also look at extending the collaboration to other relevant travel industry stakeholders.

ETC president Peter De Wilde said: “I am convinced that this partnership will help us to safeguard Europe’s position as top travel destination with proper knowledge gathering and sharing and skilfully bringing together private and public efforts.“

Amadeus industry affairs senior advisor Juan Jesús García added: “This partnership stands out as a reference example of private and public co-operation within the travel and tourism sector.

“Amadeus is pleased to contribute to this alliance with three key assets: our technology, our global footprint and our industry knowledge to shape the future of travel in Europe.”

Pedro Ortún, the Commission’s director for tourism, Directorate-General Enterprise and Industry, said: “The European Commission wishes to involve the entire European tourism industry in the successful promotion of Destination Europe.

“We support actions, which all European destinations can benefit from, such as the use and implementation of new technologies in the tourism sector.”

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