Augmented reality app WAM captures corporate travellers

Augmented reality app WAM captures corporate travellers

A new augmented reality app developed in the UK to help travellers navigate unfamiliar cities has proved a particular hit with business travellers.

The free iOS and Android app ‘World Around Me’ (WAM) was launched last year by Lancaster-based WT InfoTech and as of February 70% of the 20,000 users in 190 countries are business travellers.

The app adds a virtual reality layer to Google Maps allowing users to overlay their physical surroundings with digitally generated information about nearby facilities.

It gives them live information including directions and reviews through their smartphone screen based on search criteria or pre-determined categories.

The latest update allows users to check features that business travellers require, including whether a location has Wi-Fi or whether it takes reservations or credit card payments.

The application is integrated with Google Places and Foursquare.

WT InfoTech co-founder and chief executive Tarun Sainani, said: “As a regular business traveller myself, I’m aware at how difficult it can be to find your way around a new city, especially when you know you’re only going to be there for a couple of days.

“Busy business travellers often don’t have the luxury of exploring the city at a more relaxed pace, or the time to research the best restaurants, bar and hotels, let alone museums, doctors surgeries and superstores.”

The full version of WAM is available for iOS and Android devices for £0.99 while a free ‘lite’ version is also available for both mobile platforms.

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