Software developer touts languages tool for industry staff

A new suite of software claims to enable travel industry staff to speak up to 78 languages.

The TYWI–Tourism solution has been developed by Translate Your World, a developer of language software and mobile applications.

The software translates speech as well as text, empowering staff at airports, restaurants, and tourist services to instantly communicate in dozens of languages, and then in turn to understand what international visitors reply in their native tongue.

Users go to a webpage, click or tap in a web field, and talk. Dozens of languages come out of the system, all in real-time, and recipients choose their preference.

TYWI–Tourism is web-based and functions on any modern device. Some software require no training whatsoever, like the cross-language conversation webpage.

TYWI also offers versions that can be trained and improved for high accuracy including real-time voice translation for conferences, business meetings and website live chats.

The company claims to fuse powerful yet rarely used “side technologies” created by Microsoft, Google, Nuance, Livestream, Apple and others.

Translate Your World president Sue Reager said: “I have lived in 17 countries. Each time I went to a new country I found myself ordering mystery food at restaurants, listening to unintelligible tour guides, and using lousy interpreters for important business meetings.

“With today’s technology there is no reason why people cannot communicate.

“Yet communication is more than finger pointing; providing service is more than handing out a room key; and an information booth should be capable of sharing information.

“TYWI smashes the insurmountable language barrier and offers the ability to converse across languages, to take your interpreter in your laptop, and to type across languages.”

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