Interacterable free offer tempts trials of Groupdia travel messaging app

Interacterable free offer tempts trials of Groupdia travel messaging app

Trials of the latest version of a group travel messaging and communications app is being offered for free until the end of this month.

Groupdia, which was developed by Interacterable, allows members of a travelling party to message each other via the smartphone app and/or SMS.

To use the app Wi-Fi is not required and there are no data charges. Large groups can be split into sub-groups according to their requirements.

The app was built for companies which manage group travel such as corporate TMCs, tour operators, and group travel or conference organisers.

Fellow travellers can respond quickly to any messages, with suggestions for updated travel information, event or meeting details, ground tours or entertainment options.

There are no upfront charges to use Groupdia which is billed on a pay-as-you-go basis from £135 per month.

The new version offers group members features like personalised messages including names, personalised app themes and an improved control panel for the travel company to control all messages.

Ole Bo Larsen, chief executive of Interacterable, said: “Groupdia is the missing link between any organisation that has groups of people it needs to interact with.

“It enables organisers to keep clients up to date with important information, sell them new activities or excursions, in a very cost effective way.

“Clients can also respond with their own views and this concierge element of the service adds value and increases customer loyalty”.

Interacterable says Groupdia allows users to be shown relevant advertising to increase organiser profits at no cost to the user and no upfront cost to the company.

TMCs can advise travellers instantly of any changes to their travel arrangements or inform them about travel policy guidelines on the go.

Ole Bo Larsen added: “No more last-minute calls from anguished business travellers wondering who to contact, or reps wondering who might want to do what.

“Research shows that 98% of SMS messages are read and we know that people who download the app will use it.

“So, whether the target audience are business travellers, busy conference delegates or happy go lucky holidaymakers, they can be kept in the picture, given the option of responding with their views and sold new activities or options as the event unfolds”.

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