Israel reaches out to new audiences with shareable interactive video

A new promotional video from the Israel Ministry of Tourism allows viewers to interact while watching to find their perfect tour and then share on social media.

The video offers 33 viewing options and up to 72 touring itineraries in the country, with viewers able to opt for three different tour guides with different interests.

The video features a tour guide who specialises in religion, history and culture; a young woman whose interest is lifestyle and a young man interested in adventure.

Each character takes the viewer on a tour of Israel where they can select preferred destinations to visit.

The video, which uses a platform developed by the Interlude Companyn which has been used by Tome Magazine, was showcased at the Annual International Mediterranean Tourism Market in Tel Aviv.

Dr. Uzi Landau, Isreal tourism minister, said: “This video represents a significant step in the overall programme to reach wide and diverse audiences around the world. Israel has everything the tourist could ask for, and our task is to illustrate this in the best way possible.”

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