iPads for pilots set to bring fuel cost savings for Iberia

iPads for pilots set to bring fuel cost savings for Iberia

BA sister airline Iberia is poised to become the first Spanish carrier to replace the old hard copy pilot flight bag with an electronic version on iPads.

Subject to approval from the Spanish regulator, pilots will use the devices for flight preparations and operations and to perform the calculations needed to safely fly the aircraft.

Iberia, which is owned by BA parent IAG, said the devices will increase efficiency and safety while reducing aircraft weight by some 60kg.

This is estimated to provide a €150,000 per month cost saving for the airline in short and medium-haul flights.

The iPads will offer instant access to all the aircraft’s manuals and enable pilots to view navigation maps and detailed airport maps.

Iberia has already fitted one Airbus A320 [EC-ILP] with iPads for both captain and co-pilot, and is soon to equip an additional four short and medium-haul aircraft with the devices, which will remain connected to the aircraft’s electrical system at all times.

Testing will be carried out with Spain’s AESA air safety authority to ensure that the devices meet stringent safety and reliability standards as flight instruments.

Iberia has trained a group of 100 pilots to use them, and when approval is received from AESA the iPads will be brought into service.

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