launches first UK brand campaign has launched its first UK brand campaign following an increased buoyancy in the market.

Booking.yeah is the company’s first ever brand campaign in the UK and will include a television advert which highlights the quirky things people say about their accommodation stays.

The ad was first broadcast last night (February 16).

Paul Hennessy, chief marketing officer, said: “Britons take booking the right accommodation, whether for holiday or business, very seriously. We know that they take longer to plan their accommodation to make sure they get it right. Our campaign shows we care as much as they do about making the right choice on accommodation.

“We looked into consumer travel insights globally and we found that the accommodation really sets the tone for the trip. When it’s wrong, the trip starts off on a bad note that is so difficult to recover from. But when it’s right, it transforms the whole experience.”

There are more than 14,000 properties in the UK listed on the site, with 3,000 added in 2013 alone.

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