Rocco Forte inks deal with eRevMax to optimise room rate setting

The 11-strong Rocco Forte Hotels group is working with specialist firm eRevMax to benefit from real-time pricing data, managed report services and competitor rate analysis.

The five-star chain is using intuitive market intelligence data available from RateTiger Shopper that provides insight to each property’s market position against local rivals.

This is designed to enable the company to maintain a competitive edge and communicate its value to customers.

A managed reports feature offers flexible rate report frequency: either daily, weekly or monthly.

Properties can make more intuitive rate decisions by matching rate recommendations with live rates across sales channels.

Rocco Forte Hotels revenue management director Christopher Cooper said: “This gives us full control over our pricing decisions and revenue strategies.”

eRevMax EMEA sale vice president John Seaton added: “With RateTiger, the hotel group optimises its current and future rates by matching pricing data – ‘apples-to-apples’ – for effective rate decision making.

“Furthermore, the Rocco Forte Hotels team can also monitor rate parity across various sales channels for all their properties easily and efficiently.”

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