TTE 2014: Adara offers airlines chance to extend audience reach

Big data targeted marketing specialist Adara has started offering more ways for airlines to monetise traffic they attract to their sites with an ‘audience extension’ offering.

Tobias Wessels, Adara vice president Europe, said the development seeks to exploit the overlap between lifestyle luxury products and airline customers.

‘Audience extension’ has been developed to enable airlines to generate revenue by allowing partners with complementary products to target their customers after they have been on their site.

This allows, for instance, a luxury car maker or wristwatch brand to target ads to a specific customer profile once they have transacted with the airline via the Adara platform.

Wessels said this was helping airlines exploit their traffic without having to add more ancillary products into their core offering.

He said the ‘audience extension’ will appeal to airlines interested in evolving their retail offering.

“Airlines want to be seen as retail stores not as airlines any more. The problem is they are running out of users on their websites.

“They may have tens of millions but there is only so many products you can offer. The more you offer, like insurance or wifi, the longer the booking process gets and conversion goes down.

“But there is a big overlap with lifestyle products, like luxury cars, with all airlines and their existing partners.

“What they can do with our solution is target the audience of that airline once they have left the booking path.”

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