TTE 2014: Zolv celebrates early success of SalesAssist as Mark Warner signs on

TTE 2014: Zolv celebrates early success of SalesAssist as Mark Warner signs on

Travel technology supplier Zolv says its award winning SalesAssist technology has been well received in the industry as it went live with operator Mark Warner this week.

The ‘visual call centre’ platform enables sales agents working on the phone to interact with customers in real time via a shared web session.

This allows the agents to share rich content, links and forms while on the sales call with the aim of improving efficiency, conversion and insight into call centre activity.

SalesAssist is available on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis and Zolv has developed it specifically to be easy to implement and trial.

The technology recently scooped the Innovation Award at the Travel Weekly Globes, Travolution’s sister title, and last year won the Travolution award for best innovation.

Olly Wenn, Zolv managing director, said he had been inundated with interest in Sales Assist at Travel Technology Europe this week.

He said delegates at the show have come from a range of different companies many of which have seen as-yet un-thought-of applications for Sales Assist.

“We do not so much have a roadmap now but just a long list of destinations we went to get to. There is a range of things right now we want to do – and that list is growing.”

One of the earliest adopters of Sales Assist has been The Cruise Line, a leading agent for a number of luxury operators, which has been using it in January.

It has reported its best sales month in its 21 year history and says a significant factor has been SalesAssist.

Jos Dewing, The Cruise Line managing director, said: “We had a very real challenge for our sales staff and that was really getting across the extraordinary benefits and experiences that a luxury cruise can provide and being able to upsell too, but achieving this in a single phone call.

“Inspiring the customer and sowing seeds of anticipation are key to conversion. The answer to this was SalesAssist, as our sales consultants can now support their sales and increase conversion and up-sell by enabling high-quality content sharing with their customers via the internet and by sending photos, videos, quotes, web pages, anything, straight to their screen.

“Our internet enquiry conversion rate has actually seen a 100% increase since we started with SalesAssist and we feel that the customer experience has been dramatically improved. Customers can enjoy inspiring images and videos during the telephone conversation and don’t need to worry about noting down suite grades and ship names, flight times, or fares. Even after the call, they still have access to the timeline and can easily share the content with friends and family to agree a booking.”

Wenn added: “We were delighted when The Cruise Line agreed to take SalesAssist for an early trial.

“It was clear they had an appetite for exploring new technology that would grow their business and help them sell more. Like us, they were convinced that SalesAssist would have a huge positive impact on conversion and value of sale and their success to date shows were on the money.”

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