Travelocity appoints Sq1 to execute content strategy

Travelocity appoints Sq1 to execute content strategy

Conversion optimisation agency Sq1 has been selected by Travelocity to be its content marketing agency.

As part of the content marketing strategy, Sq1 plans to develop Travelocity’s content hub, providing users with an improved online experience while improving organic traffic.

Sq1 will be using enterprise-level content marketing tools to facilitate content creation, reporting, measurement, and SEO scorecards.

The company’s president Judge Graham said: “We’re excited to put our expertise in content marketing to work for a client that has been at the vanguard of e-commerce since its inception.

“Through our process, we measure, track and accurately determine where content should appear as well as developing content which will attract, engage, convert, and nurture Travelocity’s audiences.”

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