SAS signs up for new optimised payment solution

SAS has become one of the first airlines to sign up for a new optimised payment solution which makes it possible for customers to pay for their ticket via monthly installments.

The new invoiced-based payment solution allows for travellers transacting online to pay for their tickets via installments.

The invoice-based payment solution enables online shoppers to pay for the full amount of their tickets up to 24 months after purchase.

Online payment provider Klarna assumes the full credit and fraud risks from the merchant, enabling the solution to provide a safe way to extend the payment period without any additional risk being incurred by the airline.

Klarna and Adyen, a global provider of international and omnichannel payment solutions, have developed the solution.

Invoicing is a popular payment method in Sweden and Germany, respectively accounting for a 21% and 11% share of all payments in each country.

Klarna key account manager Wilhelm Hamilton said: “We are excited to deliver a payment solution that is developed especially for the travel industry and its specific needs. At Klarna we always strive to make online shopping simple and safe.”

Adyen chief commercial officer Roelant Prins said: “Adyen is delighted to partner with Klarna to offer merchants in the airline industry a payment method that has been popular amongst online shoppers for other types of purchases for some time.

“SAS has become the first airline to offer installment payments using Klarna and we are confident more airlines operating in the German and Swedish markets will adopt this new option in the near future.”

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