Multicom develops FindandBook-integrated site for Florida4Less

Multicom develops FindandBook-integrated site for Florida4Less

A new website for Florida4Less has been developed by Multicom which is fully integrated with its FindandBook booking platform.

Bury-based Florida4Less was an existing FindandBook customer that wanted to have greater control over its web presence and the ability to maintain and update it quickly and easily.

The solution provided by Multicom’s WebVoyage service includes a web-based CMS that gives control of their site and the ability to make changes in an instant.

The WebVoyage system also allows users to find, share, save and book their favourite content while providing support for search engine marketing, web analytics and social media.

Multicom managing director John Howell said: “The development of a new website for Florida4Less highlights the benefits Multicom can offer with a suite of products developed and designed specifically to provide a fully integrated solution.

“The end result provides Florida4Less with a software solution that goes beyond simply content, making management simpler, reducing costs and improving their bottom line.”

Florida4Less director Jon Moulding added: “Moving our website to a new WebVoyage platform has given us much greater control over our content while maintaining integration with FindandBook.”

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