Hillgate Travel claims ResWay app could offer ‘substantial savings’

A new Sabre Red application allowing travel consultants to simultaneously shop for GDS inventory and non-GDS low-cost airline and hotel content has been revealed today (Tuesday) by Hillgate Travel.

The independent travel management company claims to be the first to market with the new innovation and is showcasing the ‘ResWay’ application at the Business Travel Show in London.

Early reporting indicates that the single search and booking process reduces the time it takes to make low cost airline and non-GDS hotel reservations by up to 30%.

ResWay utilises ‘active listening’ which allows travel consultants to input one request into the GDS to receive back the widest range of itinerary options as well as the lowest airline fares and hotel rates.

The application also integrates with the Hillgate Travel’s online traveller profile and approval systems, as well as with payment partners, allowing reservations to be completed within a single environment too.

Hillgate managing director Anthony Rissbrook said: “We know that being able to access the widest range of content as well as the lowest hotel rates and airline fares is a key concern of travel buyers.

“Although integrated GDS and non-GDS content has been available within online booking tools for some time, we are thrilled to be the first travel management company to truly offer mirrored content when making offline bookings too.”

He added: “The ResWay application creates a number of key efficiencies. It removes the need to search multiple distribution channels which prolongs the booking process. It ensures that our travel consultants can now access traditional GDS content, over 70 low-cost airlines and numerous non-GDS hotel providers from a single search in Sabre. It provides our travel consultants with the ability to make all reservations within the Sabre workspace too.

“ResWay guarantees our customers are provided with the widest range of choice every time. ResWay vastly improves customer response times, especially when non-GDS vendors are being booked. And, most importantly it provides our customers with the opportunity to make substantial savings.”

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