extends behavioural targeting tool has extended its partnership with behavioural targeting specialist Touch Clarity to include the brand.

The system was installed on in November last year and has been credited with a massive 200% uplift in sales of products featured on the online agency’s homepage.

Touch Clarity tracks the behaviour of visitors to a site and uses around 100 variables to determine the positioning of content on the site’s homepage.

The content has been used to promote various special offers or specific products, including theatre tickets and gifts, on the site.

Following the success of the pilot project on in late-2005, fellow Sabre-owned brand Travelocity introduced the system in January this year.

It is understood the system may be extended from across homepage to other channels in the and sites.

During the pilot, chief marketing officer Brent Hieggelke said: “As web sites mature they need to improve their business performance, not just by increasing sales but also by increasing the conversion of specific offers and targeting each customer individually.

“Every visitor is automatically served the promotional or product content they are most likely to respond to, and then the solution measures its effectiveness based on whether the visitor engaged in that content.”

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