STA Travel hails successful mobile booking site launch

STA Travel has claimed more than 100 transactions in the first few days of its mobile booking site going live.

The mobile site has been launched across the youth travel company’s divisions in the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand.

The new development means that users can book STA Travel services through mobile devices for the first time – previously it was only possible to browse.

Individual transaction values on its UK site of more than £1,000 have been achieved via the new mobile booking initiative, indicating that customers are comfortable making significant purchases from mobile devices, according to the company.

STA Travel’s first mobile app is due to be launched at the end of March.

Group chief executive John Constable said: “We have seen a massive increase in mobile users in the past year; numbers have more than doubled in the past 12 months for people accessing our sites via mobile devices.

“We are confident that this growth will escalate yet further with the launch of our optimised mobile booking path as customers can now search, book and pay from mobiles or tablets simply, safely and quickly.”

He added: “At any one time STA Travel has a huge number of people on their travels all over the world. Through this new development they’re able to add to their itinerary simply and efficiently whilst they’re on the road.”

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