Travelbag packs a mobile punch after optimised site launch

Independent traveller specialist Travelbag has reported a four-fold upturn in conversion rate on mobile following the launch of its optimised site.

The agent said the new site, which went live last August, has had am immediate impact on bookings, citing data from Google analytics.

It said smartphone conversion rate is almost four times higher since the mobile-optimised website launched and the average smartphone order value has increased by 71%.

More surprisingly, Travelbag said the average order value of bookings made on is, for the first time, higher among smartphone users than desktop users.

The highest order value made on a smartphone is £7,773.58 which the retailer claimed dispels the myth that people don’t make high value purchases on phones.

Managing director of Travelbag, Tony Carty, said: “Travelbag has always put its customers at the forefront of its business.

“By being one step ahead of major competitors and offering mobile users an optimised experience; Travelbag is leading the way to mobile bookings.

“We were one of the first to offer a fully functioning mobile site where users don’t have to switch devices to book the holiday.

“They can easily search and book at without having to download any apps or change screens.

“This report showcases the success of this strategy as well as the trust that consumers have in the Travelbag brand”.

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